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NSF Center for Distributed Confidential Computing (CDCC, and IU Center for Systems Security and Data Privacy (SEDAP) have multiple PostDoc and RA positions available in the following areas: 

  1. Confidential Computing.  Recently we won a Frontiers Award in Secure and Trustworthy Computing to establish Center for Distributed Confidential Computing (CDCC), the largest investment in confidential computing ever made by National Science Foundation.  CDCC aims at laying the technological foundation for distributed confidential computing, regardless of specific TEE hardware design. Also on top of the foundation, we will develop transformative applications to protect healthcare, IoT and autonomous driving, and financial systems.  We expect that the applicants have strong systems background. Those with experiences in TEE development are preferred. 
  2. Trustworthy AI.   We are actively working on security and privacy risks to machine learning models, both on understanding and analyzing fundamental causes of the risks and on developing innovative technologies to mitigate the threat.  Particularly, we are participating in the NIST TrojAI competition and winning the NIPS competition on Trojan Detection Challenge. 
  3.  Carrier Network Security.  An important ongoing direction is developing intelligent technologies (natural-language processing and machine learning in particular) to protect LTE/5G/6G systems and enhance the security qualities of 3GPP specifications, carrier network systems and mobile devices.  We have a new NSF project on the subject and been actively publishing in the area, with impacts on the design and implementation of these systems.

In addition, we are also seeking strong PhD applicants in other security and privacy areas, including but not limited to cybercrimes, IoT security and privacy,  software security (including program analysis). 

Indiana University (IU) is known to be a leading school in systems security research (, and  We have a strong track record in both delivering impactful research results and educating high-quality PhD students.  For those who are interested, please contact Professor XiaoFeng Wang  (email: [email protected], URL: